Hot Beard Tips for Summertime

Summertime is for sun, water and fun! But with an excess of these amazing elements, everyone’s skin suffers a little from UV rays, chlorine, heat and sweat. Those sporting the beards will be challenged to keep their face locks fresh and hydrated.

One perfect-for-summer scent for us here at Better Man Beard is Franky T. The Franky T balm is built from the Better Man Beard proprietary blend of all natural, highly moisturizing ingredients, with a fresh and earthy combination of frankincense and tangerine essential oils. This particular fragrance blend was created thanks to our many customers who requested beard care products featuring a citrus scent! Perfect for summer. Your beard will be treated to all the softening, smoothing and protecting benefits that our balms have to offer.

In addition, we offer Franky T oil. The gentle and nourishing all natural oils we use in all our beard oil blends are the silent heroes, while the fresh and earthy scents of tangerine and frankincense take center stage. Franky T Beard Oil has unique anti-inflammatory benefits, which can be a lifesaver during early-growth-beard-itchiness! This oil will soften and condition your beard, and also nourish and comfort the skin below. Great to massage into your facial hair post-lake, beach or pool time showers.

In addition to our aromatic and moisturizing products, we’d love to offer you some other tips for good summer grooming:

  • When it's hot, extremely dry or humid, you’ll obviously get super sweaty. That makes your beard damp, greasy, and even a little bit smelly. To get the stank off your face, use a moisturizing beard shampoo and after mowing that lawn or playing volleyball (whatever your sweaty activity may be). Rinse your beard with cool water and gently pat dry. Apply beard balm to keep the hair and the skin underneath it moisturized.
  • Swimming can have an impact on the health of your beard because of chlorine, which is a harsh (and not awesome-smelling) chemical. This can affect your beard hair as well as the hair on your head. Chemicals like chlorine remove the natural oils on your skin and hair that contribute to a healthy beard. Adding moisture through balm or oil will help the health of your beard.
  • Always apply sunscreen. Yes, your beard won’t get burnt but the skin underneath still needs to be protected from UV rays. The health of your beard will depend on the health of your skin. Unhealthy skin from the sun can damage your hair follicles and make your beard dry. Sunscreen is especially essential if you have a shorter beard style, as you don’t have as much skin protection. Also, Remember that we sell awesome Better Man Beard hats, which could also help with keeping those UV rays off your face.

In the end, Better Man Beard wishes you much fun throughout your summer. And as you travel to lakes, beaches, campgrounds or wherever remember to bring your easy-to-pack beard comb and Franky T balm to ensure the health of your skin and beard, no matter where your summertime adventures take you.