Step-By-Step Guide: Beard Facial at Home

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Regardless of whether you're about to crash your umpteenth millionth Zoom meeting or responsibly socializing for leisure, there are plenty of reasons to continue taking care of your beard. Sure, regular combing and use of our beard balms and oils are great, but what if you're ready to step into the big leagues of better beard pampering without the hassle of dealing with another human being? A do-it-yourself solo day-cation for your face and beard, if you will.

The Benefits of a Beard Facial

The Benefits of a Beard Facial

Facials aren't just a Mother's Day gift anymore. Men tend to generate more sebum, the oil that coats hair follicles, and that means that they are more prone to blackheads, folliculitis (red bump at the site of the follicle), and dry skin.

A comprehensive men's facial procedure not only moisturizes the skin, but it also helps clear up blemishes and stimulate hair growth, resulting in a stronger, thicker, more resilient beard.

At the end of the day, your best beard is only possible if you also take care of the skin that it grows from.

How to Do an At-Home Beard Facial, Better Man Beard-Style

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Before you begin your journey into beard facial enlightenment, you will need to gather a few supplies:

Better Man facial Kit
Better Man facial Kit

Before you begin your journey into beard facial enlightenment, you will need to gather a few supplies:

  • High-Frequency Face Wand (available at your favorite online retailer)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Face Wash Cleanser (shampoo also works in a pinch)
  • Sponges and Hand Towels
  • Better Man Beard Original Beard Kit (also available in Spruce)

That last item is important, as it also contains the beard comb that you will need to evenly distribute product and stimulate the follicles. Moreover, Better Man Beard's balms and oils are made with all-natural and organic ingredients, you can think of it as a natural facial for men from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Apply Better Man Beard Oil to Your Beard

This step is important in softening up the skin underneath your strands. Ensure that the oil goes all the way down to the follicles by vigorously massaging from the sideburns to the chin. Don't forget the area underneath the chin, and do not go against the grain!

Step 2: Cleanse Your Beard

This step helps remove bacteria and impurities from the skin. There are a wide variety of face cleansers available at various retailers, so pick the one that fits your skin type best. Lather into your beard and down to the skin, coating every strand from the follicle up. Add water as needed to activate cleanser.

Better Man Beard Oil Bottle

Step 3: Use a Towel and/or Sponges to Remove Cleanser

Remove the cleanser from your beard using a towel or sponges. A spray bottle may be used to help remove stubborn product. This step helps promote circulation by stimulating the follicles while also drying the skin. Be sure to check for any blackheads or folliculitis as you dry the skin.

Better Man Beard Oil Bottle

Step 4: Massage Your Beard with a High-Frequency Wand

(Note: This step is not recommended if you are pregnant, have metallic implants in the face, or are prone to seizures.)

Once your skin is completely dry, run the high-frequency wand through your strands. It will feel like tiny electric shocks, which is good for breaking down bacteria, oxygenating the skin, and stimulating hair growth.

Better Man Beard Oil Bottle

Step 5: Apply Witch Hazel to Your Skin

Witch hazel is an all-natural astringent that narrows pores, cleanses the skin, and preps it for the final application of product. It can be found online or at your local drugstore in the beauty aisle. Massage thoroughly into skin with a hand towel, focusing on the chin and the area underneath it.

Better Man Beard Oil Bottle

Step 6: Massage Better Man Beard Oil into Your Beard

Better Man Beard Oil contains castor oil, which is great for nourishing follicles. Massage the oil down into the skin, starting at the sideburns heading towards the chin.

Better Man Beard Oil Bottle

Step 7: Apply Better Man Beard Balm

And finally, massage Better Man Beard Balm into your beard. Once all strands have been visited, use the comb to evenly distribute the product.

Beard Facials: FAQs

  • Can you get a facial with a beard?

    Yes! While some commercial spas offer facials that specifically focus on beards, the steps above outline how you can get a quality beard facial at home for a fraction of the price. Plus, our method is pandemic-friendly and doesn't put yours or your loved ones' health at risk, while also spoiling your beard and the skin below it.

  • What's a good skincare routine for beards in between beard facials?

    A good beard balm or oil is safe for everyday use, although they both have different end results. While oil is good for moisturizing your beard, beard balm also leaves your with a lustrous shine. Regardless of which product you prefer for your own look, be sure to evenly distribute the product throughout your beard, coating each hair from root to tip.

  • What are the benefits of a beard facial for men?

    Without proper care and regular maintenance, unruly beards can quickly become wiry, brittle, dry, and itchy. Under the beard, other problems that can arise include folliculitis, acne, and blackheads. A regular beard facial and care routine will help eliminate these letter issues, which will then leave your moisturized and your face feeling great.

  • Where can I find the items I need to do a beard facial at home?

    Many of the items from the above list, such as facial sponges, hand towels, and witch hazel can be found at your local retailer. High-frequency face wands can be harder to find in brick and mortar locations, so we recommend getting one from your favorite online retailer. And of course, you can pick up our Better Man Beard Original Beard kit right here on our site, which includes a sandalwood beard comb to help distribute product throughout your beard and stimulate the follicles.