Complete Better Man Beard Care Kits

Wondering where to start? Grab one of our Beard Kits and you’ll be off and running. You’ll get a beard oil, beard balm and sandalwood beard comb to tame, moisturize and make your beard smell great. It’s also a fantastic value!

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Check out what’s new or restock your bathroom cabinet with your trusted 100% all-natural favorite products. Our balms and oils are carefully formulated and crafted by hand to best nourish and moisturize your beard and skin.

Why Better Man Beard?


Better Man Beard products are thoughtfully crafted from all-natural ingredients to make any beard better with regular use. The essential oils we use to scent our balms and oils are never overpowering so that when a special someone gets up close to your beard, they will enjoy the experience. We believe in making our products the right way, without any chemicals or preservatives, so that your face and beard are well cared for and in their healthiest condition, leaving you looking, smelling and feeling your best!

Man puring ingredients
Hand crafted

Hand Crafted

We make all our products by hand in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency.


100% All-Natural & Organic

We use only all-natural ingredients, purposely chosen for the benefits they can provide your beard.

Made in USA

Made in USA

All our beard oils and balms are produced in beautiful Boise, Idaho. #keepboisebeard

Crafting confidence, one beard at a time

A well-maintained beard sets you apart. We believe that you - and your significant other - deserve a strong, smooth, great smelling beard!

Unleash your style


Grow a strong, healthy, great-smelling beard with support from our Better Man Beard oils and balms. A beautiful beard is the best accessory, as far as we’re concerned!

Product in hand

Our balms are compact and travel well, so you can take your balm and comb with you to work and apply if you feel your beard getting dry or itchy, or you are getting flyaways. These balms absorb quickly and stay put to provide hold and shape.

Our oils are uniquely blended to be nourishing and soothing, which is optimal for right after showering and before bedtime, to seal in moisture and improve the health of your beard, and the skin and follicles beneath. With regular use of our oils, you’ll soon see a shiny, strong, healthy beard while also preventing unpleasant “beardruff."

Use each individually or layer, according to what your preferred beard style requires!

Introducing our Balm Oil combo


A little beard care goes a long way towards looking and feeling your best! These balms and oils are each uniquely designed to nourish and moisturize, and using them in tandem will yield the most conditioning and protection, all the way through your beard down to your skin. Give your oil some time to soak in before layering on your balm, and always be sure to comb each through to distribute the product evenly!

Not only does each beard oil scent have a corresponding beard balm option, we’ve conveniently packaged an oil, a balm and a comb together in our Beard Kits to make getting started easy for you.

Beard balm

Beard Balms

Our beard balms nourish, control and strengthen your beard using the best all-natural ingredients.

Beard Oils

Beard Oils

Our beard oils are a special blend of high quality, all-natural oils to give your beard and the skin below the maximum amount of healthy moisture and protection.

BMB Oils

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When you look and smell great, you feel great! Stock up on your favorite beard products or get your hands on one of limited run swag pieces to show your Better Man Beard support.

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