“...And My Axe!” The Rise of Recreational Axe Throwing as Boise’s New Darling Pastime

There’s nothing better than getting off work and kicking back a few well-deserved beers with friends. Except, if you add to that cold beer and friends a chance to launch a two pound throwing axe into a bullseye at 12 feet. Then you got yourself a real shindig. Axe throwing bars have taken off in recent years and if you’ve spent more than 3.2 seconds on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ll know what I mean. The hype is real, but so is the fun. Not since bowling or billiards has there been another bar sport that has taken the nation by storm. Just like bowling or pool, axe throwing is a sport that can be done (mostly) one handed with your beer in your off hand. Also like those other sports, axe throwing is a sport of instant gratification. If and when your axe sinks into the board for the first time with that satisfying “thwunk,” you feel a sense of accomplishment equivalent to painting the last stroke on the Sistine Chapel ceiling or winning an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

The first rule of axe throwing club is that you CAN talk about axe throwing club. The second rule is safety first for all participants. While many of you are wondering how getting a bunch of people together, having them drink a bunch of beers, and then having them throw axes against the wall is NOT such a good idea, these places are actually very safe. There are many safeguards like partitions between throwing lanes and comprehensive safety rules that are baked into the game itself, so if you are apprehensive about going on your first axe throwing adventure, rest assured that it is a relatively safe sport.

No one takes safety more seriously than Boise’s newest axe throwing haunt: Section 37. They are located near the corner of Overland and Five Mile. Section 37 as a name is quite unique but there’s actually a cool story behind it (from their website): “Pacific Northwestern loggers used to refer to Section 37 when speaking of a place where strange and unusual things happen, because a typical Township contains only 36 sections. So basically, we are like the lumberjack twilight zone!” It’s a great place to start your axe throwing adventure because they have specialists on staff to help beginners and large groups. Currently, they offer beer and wine and light appetizers, but they have plans to expand that soon. You can also bring your own adult beverages and food as well!

Axe throwing is a great way to spice up your first date or to celebrate a work victory or company Christmas party. The Better Man Beard crew has even gotten into it by giving away a sweet custom throwing axe and leather sheath during a Treefort contest. What goes better with beards than a sport that’s practically invented for and by lumberjacks? Nothing, that’s what. Congratulations to: John Drynan! And may you score many bullseyes with your new special axe. Next time you and your friends or spouse are looking for a great activity that involves eye hand coordination, high scores, and beer, look no further than axe throwing at Section 37.

axe throwing winner