Beard Trivia

While there is nothing trivial about having a well kept, smooth, and good smelling beard, there is a lot of fun trivia out there when it comes to beards! If you are like us and have been missing the nights of tough pub trivia at the local bar then we hope this little challenge fills that gap. This round of trivia focuses on the mighty and complicated beard. There are few things in the world that beards have not been a part of so see how far your beard knowledge has grown and see how many of these questions you can get right. Give the quiz to friends too and see who ranks highest on knowledge that is both beard and weird. Good luck!

  1. What is the record length for the longest beard?
  1. 42 feet
  2. 5 meters
  3. 17’6”
  4. 12’8”

  1. How many hairs are in the average beard?
  1. 55,000
  2. 25,000
  3. 15,000
  4. 1,500

  1. Which U.S. president had a beard?
  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. John Adams
  3. Grover Cleveland
  4. Harry Truman

  1. How long does the average beard grow in a year?
  1. One yard
  2. 5’6”
  3. 5.5”
  4. 33 cm

  1. The dread Pirate Blackbeard met his bloody end in what year?
  1. 1812
  2. 1776
  3. 1718
  4. 1542

  1. Which of the following is not a beard style?
  1. The Monkey Tail
  2. The Twisted Sister
  3. Van Duke
  4. The Viking

  1. What method was used in Russia in 1689 to try to stop people from growing beards?
  1. Beard Tax
  2. Forced Shaving
  3. Jailing bearded men
  4. Public flogging

  1. Which of these animals is not real?
  1. The Bearded Vulture
  2. The Bearded Rat
  3. The Bearded Pig
  4. The Bearded Seal

  1. Which was the last sport to lift its ban on beards?
  1. Boxing
  2. Baseball
  3. Basketball
  4. Cricket

  1. How many hours do shaving men spend in the bathroom shaving over a lifetime?
  1. 5,000
  2. 1,500
  3. 3,350
  4. 30,000

Bonus Point: What was the name of Idaho’s infamous female serial killer? did you do? Were you left scratching your beard or do you feel that you mastered the trivia? Lett's find out! 

  1. C- Belonging to Hans Langseth the 17’6'' beard was cut off after his death in line with his will and preserved for the future. The world's longest beard is currently in the possession of the Smithsonian Museum. Rumor has it that Hans died from a broken neck after he tripped over his beard and fell. 

  1. B. The average man’s face has about 30,000 hairs with 25,000 located in the lower face composing the beard. 

  1. C. Grover Cleveland entered office with a beard, Benjamin Franklin the genius inventor and statesman also had a beard but he never held our nation's highest office. 

  1. B. The average beard grows at the rate of just under ½ an inch a month. If you want to try to speed up beard growth, use great products and some vitamins like B12 and Biotin. 

  1. C. The pirate was rumored to have had his head cut off and attached to a ship after being shot and stabbed several times. 

  1. B. Twisted Sister is a band; but we are guessing some creative types out there can make a beard style to go with that name… so get after it! 

  1. A. You proved you paid your beard tax with a beard coin. As you grow your beard remember your freedom! 

  1. B The last thing we need is rats trying to look cool. Master Splinter is the only exception to this rule. 

  1. A. Boxing recently lifted the beard ban. Some say beards absorbed punches, others that they made hits hard to stick; either way we are glad the beard ban is gone, but our beards are lovers not fighters. 

  1. C. Doesn't it feel awesome to know that you won't be wasting that much time razoring your face!? Just a couple of minutes grooming and styling your beard with Better Man products and you are out the door to flash some beard and have a good time. 

BONUS- Lady Bluebeard. Here is one you need to look up for yourself, a wild story about fly paper, prison escape, and general debauchery. 

Add up your score, each question is worth one point. See where you rank!

11-8 - You are ZZ Top of the game!

7-5 - Close, but not Darwin-ing!

4-3 - Stubble trouble!

2-1 - You got to grow one to know one dude!