Beards and Jobs: How Your Facial Fur Can Get You Ahead

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Beards, as we all know, are back in a huge way, but sporting a beard can get you more than just flirty looks and swipes to the right. Beards play an important role in the workplace too. Whether you’re going for a job interview at a new place or gunning for a promotion at your current gig, having a beard can give you an edge.

A beard can and does say a lot about its wearer and can lead to an advantage in the classroom, courtroom, or boardroom. Your beard can have a “social biological impact on job interviews,” according to University of Alaska professor emeritus R.D. Guthrie. He concluded in his book, “Body Hot Spots: The Anatomy of Human Social Organs and Behavior,” that the beard functions as a source of visual threat, power, and intimidation, yet it may also convey maturity and wisdom.

To get the most out of a job interview and to ensure you have the best chances of making a good impression, follow these steps to help make a splash at your next interview.

Social Media Search
To see how beard friendly they are, check out their social media posts, especially ones having to do with their culture and employees. Look for other guys with beards, especially management. If everyone looks suspiciously clean shaven, then you may want to consider another place to work (or just go for it anyway!). If you can find current employees, then look at their profile and their co-worker’s profiles as well. See how many of them are currently or have sported beards in the recent past.

Try to visit or look on Glassdoor to get a feel for culture
You can also get a feel for their culture by visiting their profile on Glassdoor. (Just an FYI, is a website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management.) Sometimes you can even submit a question about their atmosphere and culture surrounding beards. Also, if it is in your area, do a reconnaissance mission and visit before your interview. When in doubt, scope it out.

Better Man Beard Balm is good for business

Get your beard ready!
If they seem to be beard friendly, then you should be a shoo-in with your righteous beard when it comes time for the interview. In order to make the best impression, you’ll want to get your beard looking its best. To add a more professional look to your beard, invest in yourself before the interview and get your beard trimmed and shaped by a professional. While you’re there, have them show you some tips for keeping it under control and looking clean cut. We all know that a proper oil and balm regime is essential to the professional man’s beard routine, which is why we always recommend our Better Man Beard balms and oils.

While the job market isn’t always what it used to be, you can count on a clean, trim, professional looking beard to help give you an edge in today’s job hunt. Good luck out there! Wear your beard with pride and confidence.