Better Beards in Films

For some of us a beard is a way of life. For some it goes with the season, beard for some winter warmth and then off for summer. No matter when you are sporting your beard or why there is no way to ignore the influence that popular culture has on beards. It is award season in the film industry so we thought we would give out a few awards of our own. Here is our list of the best beards in film from a few different categories. 

Wisest Beard- Gandalf from Lord of The Rings. Gandalf had the most epic beard to stroke while he considered the impending doom of the dark lord. Every man who wants to have the wise swagger of either the Brown or White wizard should get started growing that beard today. 

Best Buddy Beard- Alan from The Hangover. Zack Galifinakis went with the natural beard look for his hilarious role in the side splitting Hangover films. His bushy but well kept beard contributed to his instantly endearing role of the buddy that will go to every effort to make sure his best friend has a night to remember. Galifinakis’s inventive and hilarious antics in the film launched him to instant stardom…the beard definitely helped.

Bloodiest Beard- King Leonidis from 300. Gerard Butler’s sculpted and sharp beard was the perfect fit for the Spartan King. The massive fight scenes made the film an instant classic, but it was the beards that really made the Spartans believable as an unstoppable army of warriors.

Best Beard Braids- Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. While a braided beard is something of an acquired taste, it certainly was a good fit for Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack. His weird and drunken antics were made more believable knowing they were done by a guide who braids his beard. However, a braided beard may only be ok while in the Caribbean. 

Fanciest Beard- Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games. In the dark dystopian future of The Hunger Games the very well off folks of the capitol have the time to create some jaw dropping styles. The intricate beard of the game maker was no exception. It was a great example of what someone skilled with the trimmers and a razor can create with a beard. 

Honorable Mention- Lettie Lutz from The Greatest Showman. The Bearded Lady is a circus staple. While a beard may not be the best look for every woman, Lady Lutz gets her well deserved mention here for taking such good care of her beard, a good example to us all.

Whatever inspires you to grow, shape, and style your beard, we are glad you are growing it and remind you to do what looks and feels good for you. If you're looking a little more like a Hagrid than a Clooney, remember Better Man Beard products are a natural and reliable solution to keeping your beard growing healthy and feeling soft on the skin.