Better Man Beard Heads to Logan, UT for Vintage Market Days

Better Man Beard’s products and success are a testament to the power of great ingredients, hard work, and a crafter’s spirit. The last year has seen a great number of people inspired by artisanal work, crafters, and makers. In record numbers people are trying new things to expand their creativity as well as their connection to others and the world. From making sourdough to knitting to pottery, people all over are melding their creativity and passions with new business opportunities. 

There is a great opportunity to see some of this creativity in person at the Vintage Market Days. Think of Vintage Market Days as an upscale vintage-inspired indoor market. The unique collection of original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home decor, outdoor furnishings, tasty treats, and seasonal plants means that there is bound to be something there for anyone. This is an unique opportunity to see artists, get one of a kind treasures, and possibly even get your holiday shopping done before June. 

In the middle of May Better Man Beard products will be at Vintage Market Days on hand to spread the good work and all natural beard care to our bushy friends in Utah. Beautiful Logan, Utah is the location of this bonanza of creativity and cool crafts. Just as the season is upon us and the flowers are blooming, this is a great time to take a well earned road trip to the beautiful mountains of Utah. When you are not experiencing the finds at Vintage Market Days there is plenty to do in Logan to meet your needs for adventure and relaxation. Enjoy hiking, fishing, or just a stroll through old town Logan.

Vintage Market Days was started as a pop-up craft shop at a pumpkin patch in Oklahoma. In over a decade the organizers have been able to tap into people’s love for craft and community and expand to nine other states. As people continue to embrace creativity and handmade wares you can expect to see Vintage Market Days grow to even more cities and towns. As the event continues to expand they have maintained a commitment to fostering a fun atmosphere for family and vendors alike. To the other crafters out there who are just getting started or looking to expand their reach, they too should look into opportunities at future Vintage Market Days events. 

The recent year has made travel difficult, if not impossible for most of us. This loss in ability to show products and grow a community has affected many in the crafts and artisanal trade in various devastating ways. We encourage everyone now and in the future to think of their local artisans and craftspeople as you make purchases. Everything from shoes to soap is most likely made by someone near you. Whether you are able to go to awesome events like Vintage Market Days, or shop online, look at all of your opportunities to support local makers and keep your community strong. 

  We hope to see you at Vintage Market Days or at another community event soon.