Better Man Beard Makes the News!

Better Man Beard KIVI News Boise

Better Man Beard is proud to announce we were featured in a segment on KIVI, Channel 6 news recently. Justin was contacted and interviewed by KIVI's Anna Silver as part of her ongoing series highlighting outstanding Idaho business owners and their trades. Below is the video of the interview which took place in front of our display at Idaho Made in downtown Boise on 6th St. Here is an excerpt of the interview from the website. The full interview can also be seen here:

 "... [H]e tested out many products, but they just weren't cutting it.

"It took too much effort. It was too heavy on my beard and a lot of the scents were either made of fragrance oil or they were something that was whiskey tobacco which is fun but not necessarily something that my girlfriend at the time wanted to smell," said Thomas.

Thomas decided to take matters into his own hands and develop a product that truly lived up to its name, Better Man Beard.

"So I had almost 60 test batches before I deemed it worthy then probably five or six different label changes and then finally I ended up with what I thought was perfect for the market."

Made out of ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, bees wax, and therapeutic grade essential oils; Thomas says beard growers around the Treasure Valley took to it right away.

"They had dry itchy chin, skin irritations under their beard and one of my products is really good at that and they thanked me because they can still have a beard now."

He also hopes it can help men in the professional setting.

"You know there's certain businesses that maybe frown upon beards or heavily restrict, you know I know a lot of people that have good beards that weren't able to take jobs because of it, I think that's changing slowly but I really feel that if you take care of your beard, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to have it in the workplace."

Now Thomas plans to go full steam ahead in the world of beard grooming.

"Boise has a good beard culture and we want to cultivate that."

You can find Better Man Beard products at Idaho Made, the Boise Co-op, Banana Ink, Amazon and more.