Bridge The Gap Between Scraggly And Manly With These Beard Grooming Hacks

A beard can change a lot about your face. It can make your look more sophisticated and well taken care of or it can make you look like you were just rescued off a deserted island babbling about a lost friend named “Wilson.” The way you style and maintain your beard has everything to do with how your beard makes an impression to the rest of the world. That’s why we’re going to lay out some crucial life hacks for you so you can keep your beard looking epic, especially if you have a hot date or job interview coming up.

Don’t Forget To Shave

Yeah, you have a full beard, but that doesn’t mean that you get to stop shaving. You need to still shave your upper cheeks and shape the area around your jawline and even under your chin to make sure that your beard hair doesn’t travel down and join forces with your chest hair which is about the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to men’s grooming. Remember to shave and trim your beard at least once a week at home as part of your weekly routine. Or, if you’d like, you can set a weekly appointment with your local barber and they can get your taken care of.

Quick Tip: Fix Those Nicks

For this quick tip, we’re going to talk about one of the most common and painful parts of shaving your face: cuts and nicks. They are annoying and can be painful. Here’s how to stop the bleeding in its tracks: rub some unscented lip balm over the affected area and it will help stop the bleeding in a flash. Faster than the old scrap of toilet paper trick. Try it!

Shave Well

Great, now you’re shaving regularly, but you want to get the most out of shaving, right? Make sure to maximize your shave effectiveness by keeping your facial skin and beard hair hydrated. This will help to reduce unwanted razor irritation and cuts. Five minutes before you shave, right after you get out of the shower, apply a dime sized squirt of a high quality beard oil like our Better Man Beard oil to your palm. Rub both hands together to fully coat, then run your hands through your beard to apply the oil to your beard and skin. Repeat as necessary to ensure that there is a light coat of oil on your skin and beard. Then, do some other grooming tasks like brushing your teeth or getting your clothes ready. After five minutes, then you are ready to shave!

Quick Tip: Save Your Razor

Your average razor blade cartridge isn’t meant to last a lifetime necessarily, but you can significantly extend its life cycle by doing this one thing after you’re done shaving: take a blow dryer to it to dislodge any particulates between the blades and to dry it out quickly. This not only helps to clean your blades but helps keep them sharper longer.

Finish Strong

Don’t forget to apply a non-drying after shave lotion to your skin as well as a high quality beard balm. Take a pea sized bit of your Better Man Beard balm out of the tin using the nail of your thumb. Rub the balm vigorously in your palm until it is warmed and in a more liquid-like state. Apply the balm to your newly shaven and trimmed beard and brush with your beard comb for approximately two minutes until all of the balm has been evenly distributed.