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Camping Essentials For The Bearded Camper (Updated 2020)

Posted on June 30 2020

Camping is one of the few activities that is relatively unaffected by the COVID19 epidemic. Going out into the woods and spending a few days and nights away from the rest of civilization actually sounds like a good plan these days. Plus, it’s summer and it’s just damn fun to do when the temps start to rise. Putting together a camping checklist can be quite the undertaking any year, let alone a year like this. We can help you with that and hopefully provide some much needed peace of mind. Let’s look at some of the camping essentials you’ll want to take with you on your next outdoor adventure. 

Camp Stove + Charging Station

Years ago, this would have seemed more like a luxury item and less like a necessity, but as high tech devices that require a daily battery charge have further integrated themselves into our lives, it has become more and more essential to bring a reliable charging station wherever you go. Also essential for camping, especially if you’re backpacking into a campsite or are in a “no fire pit” zone, is a camp stove. With the BioLite campstove charging station, you can get both! This state of the art gadget is the perfect mix of high tech gadgetry and camping essentials. It is a really well designed portable camping stove that can be used to cook all of your meals over and it also converts the heat that is generated into electricity. It even comes with a detachable charging station so you can charge your electronics elsewhere during the day and then reattach it during dinnertime to charge. 

Available at: BioLite.com

Price: $149

Cuisinart Non-Stick Grilling Basket

While it is still too difficult to hike into the woods carrying a full sized bbq grill set, you can get most of the same performance and delicious taste out of this long handled wire cooking basket. It securely clamps around your food so that you can safely and quickly roast a mess of vegetables or a fresh caught salmon filet or even your toast for breakfast. It is light and compact and is the perfect addition to your camping set!

Available at: Amazon.com

Price: $18

Better Man Beard Camping Cup

Now that we have the grilling and the charging under control, it’s time to think about another essential: beverages. Whether you prefer coffee or tea in the morning when you’re camping or you want a hot cup of cocoa to go with dinner, you’ll need a sturdy, reliable and awesome looking cup to drink it out of. The Better Man Beard logo camp cup is exactly that! Available right now in our store. 

Available at: The Better Man Beard Store

Price: $18

Beard Care Essentials

Just because we’re camping doesn’t mean that our beards need any less daily care! Make sure that your beard is feeling fresh and clean in any situation with a travel set of our incredible beard care products. Our .5 ounce travel sizes are perfect for camping in the deepwoods or for heading out for a quick day hike. Shop right here from our site. 

Available at: The Better Man Beard Store

Price: .5 ounce balm $9


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