Fall Beard Grooming Tips

As the seasons change, so should our grooming habits. One of the biggest mistakes a man can make regarding his beard care is not changing things up as the seasons progress. What are some of the top things you should keep in mind as we head into fall? Don’t worry, we have you covered with these excellent fall beard grooming tips for men.

Skin Care Seasonal Dryness

As summer begins to taper off and fall and winter weather sets in, the air gets more and more dry. This dry air coupled with home heaters and increased wind in the winter months makes for a perfect storm of dry skin on your face and neck. Even though you’re probably using beard balm and oil regularly, you may want to also add in a specially designed facial moisturizer lotion or soap to help augment that. At the very least you should consider upping the amount of balm and oil you are using to help keep your skin feeling moisturized and fresh.

Clothing Changes

We tend to dress more warmly in the fall which means big coats and more layers. This may affect how your beard is positioned and how comfortable you may be. You may want to trim or shape your beard differently based on how it lays over your winter coat or sweaters. This might be the perfect time to experiment with a different style or trim that won’t get caught in your zipper or tucked under your turtleneck sweater.

The fall might be the perfect time to try out a new beard style that you’ve been thinking about trying. Maybe you could finally grow out those mutton chops or rock that epic moustache? This is a great time to give it a try!

Temperature Changes

With the colder weather, you might want to adapt your beard to go with your winter clothes. There’s a reason why mountain men are often portrayed with large, bushy beards during the winter months: it is a great way to keep your face and head warm in the winter. This could be the time to go big or at least a little bigger with your style to help keep your cheeks nice and toasty. Just remember that with a bigger beard comes more grooming responsibilities like more brushing, conditioning, and regular trimming to prevent flyaways.

Break Out The New Balm

We were so proud to announce a whole new balm scent this year! Our Franky T balm is infused with a perfect blend of delightful spices that make the perfect winter companion. “Franky T” actually stands for “Frankincense and Tangerine” which are two iconic scents associated with the winter months. Frankincense is, of course, one of the gifts that the magi brought with them along with gold and myrrh. It smells sweet, almost festive, with notes of rustic hardwood and even lemon citrus. This pairs extremely well with tangerine which is the most playful and complex of the common citrus varieties we see in the US. Want to give it a try? Pick up a tin of it today in our store!

While fall and winter may be all about the season of giving, don’t forget a little self care when it comes to your beard and skin. When you are out shopping for friends and family, always take some time to treat yourself as well. You deserve it!