Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day may feel like a modern holiday built to drive consumerism, but the truth is Father’s Day has been celebrated for centuries. A day dedicated to dads has been part of a tradition that started in the middle ages. It is hard to imagine what a typical Father’s Day gift would have been back in 1342. A fancy goblet, some new armor? It must have been challenging to figure out the perfect gift for a dad in the middle ages. Not surprisingly, some things never change. Trying to figure out a Father’s Day gift is still as tough in 2021 as it was in 1342. There are a few genres of gifts that have withstood the test of time and are sure to please a father from any epoch. First recommendation is: experiences.

No gift will ever replace the power of time spent together building new memories and sharing laughs. Giving your father the gift of an experience is a wonderful way to ensure that your dad has a great time and gets more time with the people he loves most. Best advice is to pick an activity that can be done in the day. Activities like golfing, going to a movie, seeing a ball game, taking a hike, or hitting the lake are all easily doable in a day and can be organized with ease if you are lucky enough to live in beautiful Idaho. This should be painfully obvious, but it bears repeating here- ensure that the activity you choose is something your pop genuinely likes to do. Put the thought in to organize it so that all the details are covered and daddy-o doesn’t need to worry about anything but having a great time.

If you and your pops are busy people and don't have the time, or maybe you live too far away to plan a day together then we suggest you celebrate the same way that most fathers have been celebrating since the middle ages- with a feast! Whether you want to recreate the middle ages with turkey legs and tomahawk steaks, or do something a little more modern and fresh like sushi, breaking bread with the head of your house is a timeless way to show your appreciation and have a great day together. Anything from hotdogs and hamburgers to crab boils and salmon bakes, making a delicious meal for your dad is the timeless way to show your love and care. Find your father’s favorite drinks and eats and cook them up to perfection and feed the top dog until he is stuffed. Give thanks to him and the family he has built and enjoy a wonderful meal together celebrating all your father does and means for you.

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