Franky T: Origin Of A Scent

We are so proud and excited to announce a new addition to our beard balm lineup: Franky T! Also known as frankincense and tangerine. This spectacular new scent is the perfect addition to your beard care arsenal, especially in the summertime. The smell of the tangerine evokes memories of carefree summer bliss while adding a fresh and inviting essence to your face. Mixed with the more sophisticated and earthy aroma of the frankincense, you get a combination that is playful yet sophisticated. The perfect balance for today’s modern man. So, it smells wonderful, but what else can frankincense and tangerine offer? Let’s dive in and explore just how great this combination is for your beard, skin, and beyond.

What is frankincense?

We have all heard of the three wise men and their gifts, which is about the only time one may encounter frankincense these days, but you have to wonder why they brought that along with a gift of pure gold? That’s because at the time frankincense was as valuable as pure gold, if not more so. Frankincense is sourced from the resin of the Boswellia tree and holds many medicinal and beneficial properties.

Here’s some more information on the fantastic natural product from Emerge Yoga Wellness: “Frankincense has earned its title as ‘The King of Oils’ because of its versatility. When used topically, frankincense touts powerful anti-aging properties. It promotes cellular function and the appearance of healthy-looking skin, evening out skin tone and minimizing blemishes. Taken internally, frankincense promotes healthy immune function and overall well-being.”

What is the origin story behind creating this new, wild Franky T scent?

From Justin Thomas, founder of Better Man Beard:

My goal with this scent was to create a "Manly Citrus" scent using essential oils that were good for beards, bodies, and minds. Frankincense is known as "The King" of essential oils because of its many benefits. Tangerine is one of the few citrus essential oils that is non-phototoxic and has benefits for both hair and skin. It is both uplifting and calming at the same time.

I also believe that Franky T rounds out our collection of scents fairly well. I feel it will be hard for a man or woman to not enjoy at least one of the scents we offer. This is also coming around because of many customer requests. Over the past few years I have had more people request a citrus scent than any other.

About the health benefits of Tangerine

Tangerine’s don’t just smell good, they are packed full of helpful properties that promote hair and skin health. Tangerine oil (found in Franky T balm) is great for helping to tame frizzy hair and the high vitamin c content helps promote hair growth. It is also an antiseptic which helps keep your face clean and fresh and even helps to reduce dry skin and dandruff. All of those great benefits and it smells simply refreshing and clean, like summer in a tin.

We can’t wait for you to try it!

After learning about the benefits that Frankincense and Tangerine have to offer and the origin of the flavor combination, you’re probably excited to try it and see for yourself. Well, great news! You can buy it exclusively from our website by clicking here or by visiting our store area. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on our Facebook page!