Gift Giving Guide 2020

Gift giving may be even more important than it typically is because you may not be able to see your friends and family in person this year. Plus, some of the people on your Christmas list may be extra stressed out or depressed this year, so the pressure is on for your gifts to deliver like they have never before. No pressure, huh!? That’s ok. We’ve done a lot of the legwork for you already with this handy gift guide for that special someone on your list. This can be an inspiration to help you go in the right direction for the perfect gift, or you can use it as is and just get everything we’re suggesting so you don’t have to stress about putting together a list yourself. Either way, we hope this list helps you make this year a little bit less stressful.

  • Wireless Earphones
        • Whether they are the fancy ones by Apple or the more modest (but still high quality) ones by Raycon, your giftee will love a pair of these if they don’t have one already!

  • High Tech Bread Maker
        • You don’t have to be a chef or baker to create your own amazing homemade breads! With today’s technology, bread makers have gotten better and better and their prices are very inviting. You can pick a great one up on Amazon for about 70 bucks. A bread maker is a great gift for anyone who loves fresh bread and wants to save money while also learning a fun new hobby.

  • A Zoom Pro Subscription
        • This is a great one for keeping up with Grandma and Grandpa or a long lost friend or cousin. It includes a lot of great bells and whistles and can make keeping in touch a breeze.

  • Give The Gift Of An Amazing Educational Experience
        • Since leaving one’s house is a bit dicey these days, why not give someone an experience they will never forget that they can do from the comfort of their own home? Master Class is a spectacular online teaching platform that allows one to learn valuable things from real life experts, most of whom are celebrities! Do you have a person on your gift list who would enjoy learning about acting from Samuel L. Jackson, or how to cook from Gordon Ramsey, or how to grow their business from Bob Iger? You can do all of that and more on Master Class! Individual gift classes available or you can gift an annual subscription.

  • Truly Inspired Natural Beard Care Products
        • Hey, this is our gift guide, so of course we’re going to recommend our great products! For the bearded people on your gift list, give them a new Better Man Beard balm or oil or comb or all three! We use all natural ingredients and fragrances in our handmade products that will leave your loved one’s beard feeling soft and smelling fresh. Shop here for our complete selection.

  • InstaPot: The Gift Of Meal Prepping And Easy Dinners
      • An InstaPot is truly a game changer when it comes to home cooking. It can be a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker and so much more. These days, you want to be able to prep meals in advance and save time, money, and dishes. This will help with all of the above and more. You will rarely have to use your oven again!

    We hope this helps and wish you and yours a very merry holiday season!