Great Beard Styles To Have This Spring

It’s time to shake out those winter cobwebs and start to get ready to embrace the summer! While the weather is getting warmer and brighter every day, you’ll want to think about sporting a new beard style to help you stay cool and fresh for the summer while also staying on-trend with the day’s latest fashions. We’re going to cover some fantastic new directions for you to take your beard in this spring.

The Stubble Look

Winter is pretty much over at this point so it might be time to do a deep “spring cleaning” of your facial hair in order to shake off the winter doldrums. The “stubble” look is really taking men’s fashion by storm this year. As seen at the 2020 Oscars, beards of all shapes and sizes were definitely on trend, especially the “stubble” look. This year, Taika Waititi, Mark Ruffalo, and Leonardo DiCaprio were wearing the simple yet distinguished stubble beard on the red carpet.

The Classic Yet Captivating Goatee

If you are looking for something that is memorable and interesting yet easy to maintain, then look no further than the classic goatee. Speaking of the Oscars, Spike Lee, Billy Porter, and Adam Driver all had striking goatees at the 92nd annual ceremony this year. If you want a look that is classic yet individualistic, then the goatee is the perfect look to spring into this year.

Go Dutch

Speaking of an elegant classic, The Dutch beard is a fantastic way to set yourself apart this spring while still looking respectable and business appropriate for those occasions that call for it. The Dutch beard is similar to Abe Lincoln’s beard as it is a full beard but without a mustache on the upper lip with a small amount of hair in the center of the lower lip (soul patch area). It is a great way to frame your face if you have a more oval or diamond shaped face. Wanna try something different this year? Try a timeless classic!

The Viking AKA Ducktail Full Beard

You might secretly be a viking if you enjoy tankards full of frothy beer and have a desire to strap a battle axe to your back and set sail across the sea. If so, then we have the perfect beard recommendation for you. Let loose your inner viking this year with the ducktail full beard look. It is definitely making a comeback and can make a stunning statement beard for your next road trip or hiking adventure this year. Don’t forget to pack plenty of beer and beard balm for your adventure.

The Right Product For Your Spring Beard Look

Whatever style you decide to go with, you’ll need the right product to make it happen. We have the perfect beard balms and oils for your beard. Our products are all natural and made locally in beautiful Boise, Idaho. If you want to put your best face forward, then you’ll want to use our fantastic Better Man Beard balms and oils to keep your beard looking and feeling fresh and clean all year long. Check out our store for pricing and selection.