Great Valentine’s Day Activities to Enjoy Around Boise

Of course Valentine’s Day is just a “made up” holiday fueled by card companies and chocolate corporations, however, it’s also a great excuse to go out and have some fun with your significant other, or if you’re single, to go out and drink like you’re pledging Kappa Sigma. Either way, it helps if you have an itinerary to inspire and encourage you to turn our Valentine’s day staycation into a playcation!

The Good And Great Gatsby

Fall in love with live theater by attending the Gatsby Ball put on by the Boise Playhouse Dinner Theater. Their latest event, “The Great Gatsby Ball” is a delightful mix of dinner theater antics and celebratory romantic partying in the spirit of Valentine's’ Day. From their website:

The Great Gatsby has cordially invited you to his housewarming party to celebrate his Anthony Lewandowski, his new butler is in charge of creating this amazing soiree. He does not want to let his new boss down; despite Gatsby never getting his name right Gatsby is counting on making this party a huge hit for New York's elite.

He also wants to celebrate after making a new deal with the bootlegger "Pretty Face" Charles Gillis, who is also invited. Gatsby decides to throw the most extravagant party, worthy of his new mansion and higher standing. He invites Jerry Lewiston, a New York stockbroker, who is unsure as to why, Jerry's wife and her friend, Miss Georgia Roberts. Gatsby is on top of the world and believes that he can bribe, or threaten Jerry into letting him trade illegal securities in the stock market with the help of Miss Georgia...the secretary for Langdon Oil. Pretty Face Charles believes that Gatsby is getting too demanding for his station. He may need to bring him down a notch or two.

Catch Gatsby on Thursday, February 14th at 7pm.

Pizza Party...For a Cause

What’s better than a Valentine’s Day themed pizza party? Nothing, really, except a pizza party that helps support local Boise families in need. This Valentine’s Day party with a purpose by buying your pizza from a local participating Papa Murphy’s pizza place during their “Heartbreaker” campaign. During this campaign, Papa Murphy’s will donate a dollar to the Idaho Food Bank to help feed local families in need. Every dollar provides enough food for five meals for Idaho families. Check out more information here.


Beer...That is All.

You had us at “beer.” And you can have all the beer you want (within responsible limits, of course) at Boise’s fourth annual Firkin Frolic beerfest! The fest kicks off at 4:30pm on the 14th at The Basque Center located at: 601 West Grove Street. What is a “firkin” you ask? A Firkin cask or “container” can be made out of wood or metal and the beer that’s inside this container has been called “Real Ale.” To tap the Firkin, the keg is set on its side and a tap is driven in with a hammer. It can be a messy and explosive process, but it is an exciting one.

Let’s get messy with beer this V-Day!

The Three “C’s:” Cheese. Chocolate. Cider.

What Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a little chocolate? Join your friends or just bring your significant other to Meriwether Cider off of Chinden to get a romantic and delicious pairing of chocolates from Boise’s own The Chocolate Bar with delicious cheese provided by The Local and cider from, of course, Meriwether Cider co.! Cider is a really great choice to go with cheese and chocolate because apples go so well with both. Each flight you purchase comes with a tasting of four different ciders, each paired with a different cheese and chocolate. Your tastebuds will never be the same, but that’s ok! Starts at 5pm. Tickets are $20. More info here.

I Cast Magic Missile!

You won’t have to roll a saving throw to guarantee that this event will be a big hit. Head over to the Ada Community Library at 10664 West Victory Road at 4:30pm this Valentine’s day to join in a beginner’s session of Dungeons and Dragons. D&D is an immersive group game that takes you and your friends on a daring adventure through a classic fantasy setting. Nothing says “I love you” more than saving your loved one from a poisoned tipped arrow slung at them by an evil goblin ambush. Players of all skill levels welcome. Have some fun rolling dice and slinging spells for free! More info here.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, remember to drink responsibly and eat irresponsibly. It may be a holiday invented by chocolate and candy companies, but is it really a bad thing to have a great excuse to chow down on delicious chocolate for a day?