Guide to Using Better Man Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Better Man Beard Balm Keeps Your Beard Looking Great

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from the beasts of the jungle is our fine grooming habits. When it comes down to it, you don’t just want to monkey around with your beard. Luckily, we’re going to go over how to use two of our flagship products: Better Man Beard Oil and Beard Balm. Our products are handmade in Boise, Idaho from natural and organic ingredients to make you and your better half appreciate your great beard.

How often do I apply oil and balm?

Our Better Man Beard balms and oils can and should be applied at least once daily. The best time to apply them is right after your shower when your pores are open and some of your beard’s natural oils have been depleted. If you typically shower in the evening, we recommend using the balm each morning and the oil right after your shower at night before bed.

Our balms are very compact and travel well, so you can even keep your balm and comb with you at work and apply a small amount during the day if you feel your beard getting too dry or itchy or you are getting a lot of flyaways. The oil will absorb faster than the balm, which is good for right after showering and before bedtime while the balm stays longer and provides a greater degree of hold and shape, so use them accordingly and to your style.

Better Man Beard balm and oil for every beard

What is the best way to apply Better Man Beard Balm and Oil?

Timing wise, right after you shower is the best time to apply our balms and oils. As we mentioned before, your pores are wide open after showering, but it is also good to have a little bit of moisture on your beard as well to help get a good even coat on your facial hair.

When using oil, measure out 3 to 5 drops on your hands, then vigorously rub them together to get an even coating and to warm it up a little. Then take your hands and massage the oil into your beard from top to bottom, starting at the back, close to your ears. Do this two to three times to get the oil evenly applied. Next, rub your hands across your face from side to side, starting near your ear to coat all sides of the hairs. Do this 3 to 4 times. Then, take your beard comb and comb your beard from top to bottom about 9 or 10 times on each side to really get the oil to the base of each hair.

When using the balm, do the same technique, but scrape the balm out of the container with the tip of your thumb nail, then vigorously rub the balm in your hands to get it warm and more easily spreadable. Start with a dime-sized amount, then go from there as needed.

Make sure to apply at least once daily and to always run a comb through your hair to get the final coat. Don’t let your beard or the skin underneath get too dry, which can lead to flaking! Keep your beard looking fantastic with regular use of our Better Man Beard balms and oils.