How to Dress For the Beard You Have

We talk a lot around here about styling your beard and otherwise caring for it. Let’s face it, we sell the best beard care products money can buy, so we are pretty obsessed with great beard care. But what about after your beard has been cared for? What comes next? That’s right, we’re talking about finishing the ensemble by talking about… well ensembles! Clothes, to be exact. Today we are going to talk about tips and strategies that you can start using today in order to dress to fit your beard style of choice. Strap in and enjoy!

Tip #1: Matching Your Clothes To Your Beard Hair Color

A lot of us guys don’t typically give a second thought to the color of a lot of our clothes. The litmus test is basically “is the shirt clean and does it still fit?” then that is the shirt for the day. But, when it comes to really pulling off a great look, a little more consideration must be paid. Don’t worry, matching your beard color to your outfit color isn’t difficult and can be done with just about any wardrobe. Here are some basics:

  • For a black or brown beard: Stick with darker colors and shades. Darker denim, leathers, dark colored t-shirts and dress suit colors will suffice.
  • For lighter blonde beards: avoid yellows and lighter colors that are similar in color to your beard. Yellow or gold can be used as accent pieces though. You can definitely go with darker dress suits and shirts as well, but you will also look great in lighter shades and pastels. 
  • For salt and pepper or gray beards: these work best with light and dark color schemes but not too bright. Keep the colors muted and avoid crazy patterns and primary colors. 
    • For red beards: you can pretty much go with any style or color, similar to a brown beard, but just avoid red clothing too similar to your beard color. 

    Tip #2: Dressing To Match Your Beard Style 

    Though it goes without saying, we don’t just grow out our specific beard type on a whim. Each beard style is meticulously planned, groomed, and maintained to the specifications of its owner. That being said, a beard is truly a reflection of our inner style and self expression, so it would help if we also dressed to fit this as well. Here are some tips for dressing to fit the beard you have to get the most out of every day. 

    Stubble beard: This can truly be the most difficult to style for. Make sure that your outfits are nicer and less casual and that your hair is tightly maintained. Stubble with an old t-shirt and dirty jeans can make you look more shabby than you mean to be. Always try to dress up when possible!

    Full “mountain man” style beard: As expected, this works really well with flannel and denim tops, but it can also look great with a full 3-piece suit. Just be sure to keep your beard neatly trimmed and maintained!

    Goatee beard: This is a good middle ground. You can be at home dressing for the beach or the board room and look excellent in either situation. Just make sure to pack a razor in order to keep this style trimmed. We also recommend leather (or faux leather) with this style. 


    We hope you enjoyed these beard and clothing styling suggestions! No matter what you do this year, we hope you have a wonderful year from Better Man Beard.