New Year New Beard

If you spent 2020 like most of us did then you likely have a healthy beard going now. Months of being shut in and shut down has given plenty of time to cultivate a healthy batch of face fur. With more and more men opting for the fuzzy face versus the clean shave, 2021 looks like it will be the year of the beard. Embracing the beard and the bearded lifestyle in 2021 is something we wholly endorse. As you embark on the ideal beard for 2021 keep in mind a couple of important tips from us to make 2021 a great year for you and your beard.

More Than Just a Beard

More than a collection of 30,000 individual whiskers, your beard can be a reflection of who you are. A beard is an opportunity to wear your personality on your face. With a new beard in the new year consider what type of end look you are going for. From stylish goatee to full fledged lumberjack, the look of your beard is an opportunity to show your style and let your uniqueness shine through. With clever new cuts like the “monkey tail” and classic styles like the “Viking” there are countless ways to style your face that both reflect you and get all the right kinds of attention.

Be Good to Your Beard

With the start of the new year we all make promises to hit the gym more or call mom more often. Some promises are harder to keep than others; one relatively simple thing that you can do to better your life and lifestyle is to take good care or your beard. Better Man has great products to support a healthy beard. From balms to get the style just right to oils to keep your beard healthy and your face kissable. Our new Franky T Beard Balm is an exciting and eclectic new scent that is original and enticing. Our products are all natural to keep your beard and face looking strong and healthy.

Beards are Good For You

If you are not convinced yet to join the ranks of the happy and bearded, here are a couple other facts that should push you over the edge and have you cultivating your new look. Beards are good for you, really, aside from warming your face in the colder months and guarding you from the sun in hotter months. Beards provide a natural guard against some bacteria and can help prevent acne breakouts. The last and greatest reason to embrace the band of the bearded is getting all of that time back you would have spent shaving. Trading the clean shave for the beard nets you about three full days a year; think of all the cool bearded things you can do with that time!

Whether you are a fu manchu kind of guy, a neat goatee sort of dude, or an aspiring member of ZZ Top; 2021 is the year to grow and show a beard. With natural products from Better Man Beard to keep your beard looking, smelling, and feeling its best, there should be nothing standing between you and the bearded man you're meant to be.