New Year New Beard (style guide for 2020)

Whether you’ve been sporting a rocking’ beard since the 90’s or you’re contemplating joining the beard club in 2020, the New Year is a great time to think about changing up your style. Beards can be as much of a fashion statement as your clothes, but it’s hard to change your beard from day to day. You want to choose a style that fits your personality, but can go with just about any of your outfits. Choosing the right beard can help you be more confident and ready to take on whatever challenges 2020 has in store for you. Let’s explore some of the trending and spectacular beard styles for the new year.

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The Geralt Of Rivia

If you have longer hair that you like to keep in a braid or bun or plan to, then Geralt’s style might be just the thing for you. Geralt’s close cropped beard is classic and manly and may just help you land the latest job interview (or Witcher contracts). Netflix just reported that The Witcher was their #1 most streamed show in 2019, despite only being released 10 days before the end of the year. The Witcher’s popularity is pretty widespread and the main character’s signature look has a certain cool factor that is undeniable.

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The Iron Man Combo

Also known as the “Balbo” the Tony Stark signature look is on trend and really hot this year. If you’re looking for something that is fairly easy to maintain and looks clean and proper, then this is the style for you, that is if you want to look like a genius billionaire, playboy, philanthropist with a kick butt suit of armor.

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The Full On “Operator” Beard

Famously sported by favorite operator “Blackbeard” in the mega-hit video game Rainbow 6:Siege, this beard is also known as a classic “operator” beard worn by United States Special Forces teams like the Navy Seals. This type of beard is perfect for those of us with rounder faces and thicker beard hair in general. This can be a style that is harder to maintain, but it is gaining popularity especially in the colder months of the year.

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The Mutton Chops With Stubble Look

Mutton chops are a great alternative to a full on beard that can give you a unique look. Whether you’re feeling presidential or a full on badass like Wolverine, mutton chops are a great choice for the new year.


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