Summertime Camping Essentials

Summertime means BBQs, lots of fun in the sun, and above all else camping. Being lucky enough to live in a state known for the outdoors like Idaho, a camp trip with good friends and family should be top of your summer list. After all, there is truly no better home for a beard than by the campfire. One of the best parts about camping is gear, and there is never enough gear. Here is a list of a few of our favorite camping toys that will get you excited about getting back outdoors.

Helio Pressure Shower From Nemo

The team at Nemo have broken the mold and created a foot pump powered shower that has real pressure. By just tapping on the pump with your foot you get real pressure to wash camp dishes, get shampoo out of your hair, and most importantly rinse your beard clean. This is also great for surprise soaking your friends and washing marshmallows out of your beard.

Petzl Swift RL Headlamp

This headlamp is the most awesome headlamp out there in our humble opinion. The RL here stands for reactive lighting. That's right, the headlamp adjusts the light to what you need. Look out far towards a tree and it's full bright and focused on the distant tree, then look down at your trail map and it automatically adjusts to the light needed. No more messing with different knobs to change the lighting and blinding all your friends in the process.

Mountains Summit Tripod Stool Camp Chair

What we love about this camp chair is its versatility. Lightweight and compact this is a treat on a backpacking trip. It's also great to pack along on a hike from camp so you can enjoy your vista views from a comfy seat. Back at camp you are sure to make everyone jealous as this doubles as an awesome ottoman. Hiking, camping, tailgating- this chair is always in the bag coming along.

Sea to Summit Lightweight View Dry Sack

Dry bags are critical for any camp trip to protect gear from unpredictable weather. We like to use this one as more of a toiletry bag. The clear window helps you find what you're looking for fast. We never camp without Better Man Beard balms and oils. The treatments keep our face fresh and the essential oils keep the bugs away. We throw this drybag in the cooler to make sure the heat doesn't mess with the sweet consistency of our balm; even when the ice melts our products stay dry and fresh in this bag.

We hope these creature comforts for camp get you inspired to get out more and sleep under the stars. There is so much to do and see out there, take full advantage of the season and enjoy it as long as you can. We hope these gear picks help you elevate your camping game and make you the king of camp.