Suns Out Beards Out

Whether you are just starting to sport some facial scruff for the summer or are a well bearded brother, proper beard care is crucial in the summertime. The sun's rays, chlorine from the pool, and river and lake water all do a number on your beard. Dried out by the sun and damaged by all sorts of other elements your beard can feel scratchy, dry, and down right crispy. Nobody wants to cuddle up around the campfire with a bristly, scratchy beard. The brains at Better Man Beard have been hard at work to develop a balm with their signature softening beard care that also celebrates the season with a scent that screams summer. Introducing Franky T, a balm with all their traditional moisturizing magic from organic coconut oil and shea butter to keep a fresh and soft feel and the addition of some extra kick perfect for the season.

The secret to the summer scent is Frankincense and Tangerine essential oils that are 100% natural. This unique formula produces a scent that is masculine and fresh without being overpowering and perfumy. Once you apply it to your beard and feel the softness and smell the freshness you will understand what we mean when we say this is unlike anything else on the market. The team at Better Man Beard take their time to develop balms and are not just bringing something new to their collection to have another scent. Franky T comes from a combination of customer feedback and mad science. For a long time we have heard our customer base ask for a balm that has more of a citrus scent to it. We went with the tangerine oils because of its incredible subtle and unmistakable scent and beard enhancing properties. Tangerine oil is one of the few citrus essential oils that is both non-phototoxic and has properties that are beneficial to the skin and hair. A balm that helps your beard but bums out the skin on your face is bad for you and all the faces you come close to.

Once the final formula was produced and the balm was done the Better Man Beard crew knew we had a winner. When we saw the reaction of people who came close enough to smell and feel their beards the excitement grew even more. Now just as summer is starting we have the product ready to share with all the beards out there. A beard balm that helps keep your skin and beard feel healthy and soft is ideal for the dry northwest climate and long days of sun and fun. Whether you are out at the campsite, in the boardroom, or on a boat, this balm is the beachy summer scent that is sure to turn a head or two for all the right reasons. A fantastic addition to the Better Man Beard lineup and soon to be your favorite beard balm or oil, Franky T is available to order today.