The Best of Boise 2019

It’s that time of year again. When we Boisians head to the polls to change the course of history for better or for worse. This civic duty is one of great importance but it is not without its psychological toll, because let’s face it, it’s really hard to narrow down the actual BEST place in town to get coffee. We are, of course, talking about voting for the Boise Weekly’s annual and beloved poll “The Best of Boise” which features the best local businesses have to offer according to the readers of the Boise Weekly and the residents of the valley in general.

Best of Boise

Where to start

Start your voting, which is open to the public until 11:59pm on April 30th, 2019, by following this here link to the Boise Weekly website:

Then start choosing your main category and selecting your favorite businesses in each sub category. Categories include Arts and Entertainment, Bars and Nightlife, Goods and Services, Food and Dining, and finally, Sports and Recreation. Each category is chock full of local businesses who have been nominated from a wide and ever increasing field of applicants that were chosen in March of this year. Search the list for businesses that you have enjoyed this year or very recently and who you think deserves your vote.

The Best in Boise Vote

We at Better Man Beard appreciate the struggle of other small businesses in the valley. As a small (and growing!) business, we know that it takes hard work every day just to be considered an “ok” business, let alone a “great” or “Best of Boise” business. Our proverbial hats go off to all of the businesses who have been nominated in this poll. Congrats and thank you for your hard work serving the people of our fair city, however, as they say in Highlander: there can only be one. We can’t wait to see who is picked as Boise’s Best!

As a bonus! Help us support Justin Thomas’s wife Heidi in her business: “Heidi Lane Esthetics”

So, we are very biased here at Better Man Beard, but we thought we would spread the word and give our fans and supporters the opportunity to support someone who is near and dear to our hearts. To vote for Heidi simply follow these step by step directions and then tell us about it on social! Help us spread the word to support another great Idaho small business.

Step 1: Follow this link:

Step 2: Click on the category “Goods and Services”

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Best Spa” category

Step 4: Vote for “Heidi Lane Esthetics”

Step 5: Share on social media and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Remember, it’s one thing to vote once a year on who you think is the Best in Boise, but to really support our amazing local business community we need to SHOP LOCAL! Make sure to stop by all of these great businesses, give them a big high five for being nominated, and support them throughout the year. And, as always, Keep Boise Beard!