The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Beard Trends in 2021

Beards have seen a major resurgence in the past ten years. The trend shows no signs of changing as image and style experts are agreeing that beards are here to stay. As more men opt for the bearded look, industries have taken notice and a plethora of products have been popping up all over with various claims and draws vying for the business of bearded men. With our finger on the pulse of all things beardy we are here to help sort through the trends and keep you and your beard on the cutting edge. Here's what's happening with beards and what we think about it.

Beard Accessories

Evidently our beards need decoration. Or at least that's the message some products are trying to convince us of. With an ornament or beardament for every holiday, some of our beards are an opportunity to show how festive we are. While we don’t mind the occasional Christmas bulb in a beard at an ugly sweater party we have our limit. While we don’t super love the plastic decorations in beards, there are some beard accessories that are pretty cool. We love the beard comb (ours is a perfect fit for your pocket and crafted with sandalwood). Beautiful smelling and dense, sandalwood is the perfect choice for a comb that distributes the oil and products while also giving you a nice face massage. Ditch the dangles and get a good comb, that's all the accessorizing we think a beard needs.

Beard Chemicals

The big mega brands and box stores are catching on to the beard trend and filling the shelves with a variety of products. Evidently they think our faces need a dose of chemicals. They are pushing beard dyes and special shampoos that are loaded with ingredients that have no place on a face. It's a hard pass on this trend. We like the natural colors of our beards and any styling or product should be as good for our beards as our faces underneath. That is why at Better Man we worked to create the best beard products that are 100% natural. We think you should have a great feeling, smooth beard styled however you want. We just know you don't need a bunch of chemicals to do it. With a selection of fragrances and products made by bearded men for bearded men, we are confident that no matter what the new trend our products will always be all the beard care you need.

Creative Cuts

One thing we cannot get enough of is all of the creative new cuts and styles that are popping up. With Instagram and Twitter pumping out a huge variety of new beard trimming and styling ideas it's hard to keep up. We are all for using your beard as an opportunity to reflect who you are. From the timeless to the most outrageous, there are countless cuts to try. From braids and beads to curled moustaches our balm is the best product for supporting the style you are going for, no matter how wild or mild, while also keeping your beard healthy, soft, and strong.

As men have steadily increased ditching the razor for a beard trimmer, many have signaled their approval. Reports show that men with beards are considered more attractive than our smooth faced competition. While this is not news to us it is a nice reminder that, like the lion's mane, there is something powerful and naturally attractive about a beard. While there are some trends that you should just laugh off, maintaining a healthy well cared for beard is not one of them.