The Home Barbershop Guide

Better Man was founded on the idea that everyone deserves a stronger, better smelling beard. An important part of creating the strongest and healthiest beard is proper care and maintenance. Better Man has you covered for all the products that you need to create a lush great smelling beard and moustache. While products are incredibly important, a healthy beard also needs an occasional trim.

There is nothing better than laying back in a barber's chair and getting a first class beard trim and shave. You cannot beat a hot towel on the face and the conversation that comes with a trip to the barbershop. The past year it has been a challenge to get into our favorite barbershop for some good old beard pampering. The result of this means that there are a good deal of scraggly beards out there. We have a couple of tips and tricks to get you through the times when you cannot get to your trusted barber.

Getting Ready

Start with a fresh clean face and beard. Starting with a clean slate is important, a fresh cleaned face and brushed beard and moustache will set the stage for what you need to trim and where. Have all of your tools ready and cleaned. Quality beard trimmers, scissors and a good razor are advised tools that are key to any bearded man’s self care.

Shave and Trim

If you are going for a trim or sculpting a new bearded look it's good to have a plan before you start lathering up and getting ready to cut. For a good trim to keep the beard tidy, imagine an arch going from ear to ear. Do the trim before the shave. Trim your beard to create that arch and you will have a well trimmed beard to go with your neckline. When getting ready for the shave, be sure to treat you and your beard to a good shaving cream. It is worth paying a couple bucks more for a shaving cream that will reduce bumps and irritation that many of us battle. A good rule for shaving your neckline is going two fingers width above the Adam's apple under the chin and just below the jaw line on either side.

Treat Yourself

One of the biggest things we miss from our barbershop is the hot towel treatment. While we love to have this done at our favorite barbershop, you can do a great hot towel treatment for yourself at home. Your face will look and feel much better after applying the hot towel! To do it yourself, simply soak a towel in warm water, ring it out, and microwave it for 15 seconds until the towel is the temp you like. Now just lay back and enjoy the hot towel treatment for three to five minutes. Finally, give your beard the soft texture and great look that only comes with quality beard products. Better Man Beard’s natural oils and balms are an essential finish to your home barbershop experience.

Keep your beard well taken care of whether you can get to the barber or not. Remember to apply oils and balms everyday to keep that beard and you looking and feeling your best. Need a little inspiration? Check out this season’s top beard styles!