The Snake River Stampede

The Snake River Stampede has been a tradition in the Treasure Valley since 1937 when it officially joined the Rodeo Cowboys Association. From humble beginnings as a small town festival, it has transformed and grown into one of the most hotly anticipated events in Idaho and the world of rodeo. Now a major event in the sport of rodeo, the Snake River Stampede is one of the top 10 rodeos in the nation. If you are new to the area, or have never taken the chance to experience the rodeo for yourself, it is time to get out and see what an incredible event this is. The Snake River Stampede is not only an exposition of the top athletes in the world of rodeo, but also a hometown event with great local food, drinks, and vendors. The Better Man Beard crew will be out there to show their support and hoop and holler with the rest of the crowd. Here's a quick Snake River Stampede 101 to help you get ready for the event and know what to expect.

There's so much to see over the course of the weekend, it is hard to keep track of it all. Here are some of the fan favorites that you cannot miss. Excitement truly reaches its peak at the rodeo when the barrelmen and bull fighters take to the arena. Defying sanity and looking danger in the eye, these cowboys literally take the bull by its horns. This exposition is a thrill packed crowd pleaser separate from the actual rodeo events. When it comes to the sport of rodeo the Snake River Stampede has it all. From Team Roping to bareback bronco riding, the rodeo competitions test hard learned skills. See the world's best rope, ride, and get bucked high by the roughest riding broncos and bulls out there.

One of the best things about the Snake River Stampede is how they engage the younger generations to get them interested in the rodeo lifestyle. The Calf Scramble is a great example of this. Participants from 14-16 get to run around the arena and try to catch one of the many calves released. The calves must be caught and haltered and led across the finish line in order to win. The winning bucks get the pride of being a bonafide cowhand and a $1,000 certificate to a 4-H raised dairy heifer or purebred beef.

Now before you head out to your first rodeo here are a couple terms you should know to help you fit right in like a burger in a bun. A blopper is a bronco with little bucking ability, one that just runs around the arena and kicks a lot. Boot the bull is when a cowboy spurs or digs its heel into the animal. Finally, we hope you get to see a few high rollers, these are horses that leap high into the air when they are bucking.

Now get out there and enjoy a true western tradition at one of the best rodeos in the world. While you're there, be sure to tip your hat at the Better Man Beard folks who will be hand whooping it up with the rest of the crowd. Need a little style help for the rodeo? Pick up a Better Man Beard belt buckleand you are sure to fit right in.