The Top Five Beards of Game of Thrones Season 8

It’s the final season of Game of Thrones and it’s time to answer the questions that everyone has been asking. Many people are wondering about who will sit atop the Iron Throne, but the real burning question is: who are the gents rocking the top beards in Season Eight so far? The Iron Throne can wait! So, get yourself a hearty slice of Manderly pie and a mug of Tyroshi Pear brandy to wash it down and buckle up for the ultimate Better Man Beard Game of Thrones top Five Best Beards of season eight countdown.

#5 Ser Jorah Mormont


Always sporting at least a few days worth of scruff, our honorable knight from House Mormont is leaning into a more full beard this season and it suits him well. Since season one, almost eight years have passed in the timeline of the story, and Ser Jorah has been run through the ringer a time or two. His new thicker beard makes him look slightly older than his age and gives him a slightly more world weary look, which is a perfect reflection of his adventure. Ser Jorah, we salute your service.

#4 Jon Snow


Without spoiling anything in season eight just in case you haven’t caught up yet, it is safe to say that at the end of the first episode Jon Snow definitely now finally knows something! And that something is dropped on him at the very end of the first episode. His beard this season really reflects his newfound high status as both former King in The North and as a trusted royal advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. His beard is more full and is more neatly manicured this season than it has ever been. Is Jon finally learning to dress the part of his royal upper class upbringing and heritage, or is he keeping it coiffed for his newfound love interest, Danny? We may never know the truth behind it, but that does not stop us from admiring it from afar.

#3 Tyrion Lannister


He drinks and he knows things and he’s blasting into season eight with a stunning full beard. This is not the biggest beard in all of Westeros, but it truly is the biggest turnabout with regards to facial hair. Tyrion had always been nearly clean shaven or with a slight rough stubble in every other season, but once he survived multiple battles, execution attempts, and a journey across the world and back, he has returned a new man and equipped with a new full beard. We didn’t know what we were missing this whole time since he had always kept it so closely cropped, but he really looks great with that rocking full beard. We’ll drink to that!

#2 Ser Davos Seaworth


The Onion Knight’s beard is so grand it is bringing tears to our eyes this season. For a man who started out as a tricky smuggler and ended up one of the most powerful and trusted advisors in all of Westeros, he really keeps an understated and classy appearance. His beard this season is even more marked by grey (who can blame him?) and features even more prominent sideburns than ever before. He may be missing some finger joints, but his beard is fully intact.

#1 Tormund Giantsbane


The rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated, fortunately for us! The Giantsbane lives on in season eight thus far and his beard has never been more epic. If the world were a fair place then he would immediately be crowned king atop the Iron Throne based upon the quality of his beard alone. As large as it is useful, Tormund’s beard has kept him warm and alive during his journey from the northern lands beyond the wall and is still keeping him company as he trudges his way south in order to meet back up with Jon Snow for the final fight against the dreaded White Walkers.

Whatever happens in this season of Game of Thrones, we will always have hundreds of hours of incredible cinematic storytelling that features beards more prominently than any other pop culture property to date. So, unless ZZ Top gets an eight season hit show on HBO, Game of Thrones will always be the best place for the ultimate pop culture beards on display.