The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Gift Guide For Shopping Online In 2021

So, this is going to sound a little redundant, but this year is going to be the best year for you to dodge the crowds at the local malls and shopping centers and shop online. Yes, we are definitely wanting to shop safely this year and with things the way they are with supply chain issues, now is really the best time to start your Christmas shopping online if you haven’t already. Here is a gift guide for the bearded guy in your life that may just get the inspirational juices flowing for you. If you get shopping right now you can coast into the holidays knowing that your shopping list is already checked off and you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some eggnog while the rest of your friends and family scramble to finish theirs.

Beard Grooming Bib

This is more of a stocking stuffer than a main gift, but it is just too cool to pass over. It is a handy bib that sticks to your bathroom mirror so that your bearded man can shave, trim, and maintain his awesome beard to his heart’s content without getting hairs all over the bathroom sink and countertop. See, we thought you’d appreciate it!

$9. Amazon.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

Is there a gamer in your life but you don’t know which game to get them? Why just settle for one game when you could get them over 100 high quality AAA games and about a dozen other perks all at once? With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can get the gamer in your life the ultimate gaming package. Not only can they play over 100 titles from day one, they can also play their games on their mobile phone while using Microsoft’s new cutting edge mobile streaming service that allows anyone who is a Game Pass subscriber to play actual Xbox games on their phones.

$44.95 at Best Buy.

A Cooking Class With Gordan Ramsay

No, this is not a joke! If your special someone likes to cook, then they will love to have a chance to cook alongside the great Gordon Ramsay. With a Masterclass subscription, it’s all possible! Starting at $180 for an annual subscription.

Better Man Beard Grooming Kit

Whether he is already sporting a massive Amish style beard or is just thinking about letting his stubble grow out, he will need the essential items in our Better Man Beard grooming kit. Each kit comes with a 2 ounce bottle of our beard oil, a 2 ounce tin of our balm, and a wooden beard comb. All in an easy to wrap gift box. We recommend a holiday favorite scent spruce to get his beard in great shape for the holiday season and beyond.

$45 in our online store with fast shipping.

No matter what you get that special someone this year, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season from Better Man Beard!