The Ultimate 2020 Father's Day Gift Guide (Updated)

In the age of social distancing, you'll want to stay close to these amazing gifts for your pops! While 2020 has thrown a lot of surprises our way already, one thing that shouldn't be a surprise is what you're going to get your dad for Father's day! You should be on top of it and already have a great gift planned for your pops and we can help you out with that with this handy gift guide. Read on for some great gift ideas for the perfect Father's day gifts for that awesome man in your life.

To some people, Father’s Day is a great day to both celebrate your dad (or be celebrated as a dad) and to others it’s a great way to officially kick off summer. Here in Boise, it’s typically the first barbecue of the season if you went camping for Memorial Day instead of doing a BBQ, which many people do. This year is as good a year as any to get your dad a unique and cool gift that isn’t just another tie or tool set. We’ll be exploring some fun and not so typical Father's Day gift ideas!

Better Man Beard Gear

We have some great new products in our online store for your dad! This year, why not help him complete his ensemble with our new, exclusive Better Man Beard belt buckle? They are made of solid steel and are the perfect accompaniment to any modern man's outfit. They are available now for $32.

Is your dad a gym rat? Does he love waking up most mornings and popping out for a quick jog? Does he enjoy pumping iron? If you said yes to any of those, then this next product is perfect for him! Introducing R3 Balm from Better Man Beard. We’ve created a powerful, all natural, muscle relief balm that will help your dad recover faster and help reduce even the toughest muscle aches and pains. Learn more about it here and available now for the low price of $22 per tin.

Beard Care

First and foremost, if your dad currently has a beard or even if he is contemplating growing one, he has to have the very best in beard care products. We just so happen to be experts in that very area! For a great beard care starter pack or travel pack, you should get your dad this ideal combo: Our signature beard balm tin with our specialized wood beard comb. All of our balms and oils are handmade here in Boise, Idaho with the very best naturally sourced ingredients which include coconut oil, shea butter, and naturally occurring essential oils derived from lavender and rosemary. Our beard balms help keep your skin moisturized and your beard looking full, rich, and healthy. The balms are packed with odor-fighting antibacterial properties that help keep your face fresh and feeling great! Perfect for dad for this or any Father’s Day. We also recommend our new exclusive spruce scented beard oil. This oil is great to keep by the sink and when applied right after a shower is a quick and great smelling way to refresh and moisturize your beard for the day.

Is your pops just not a beard guy? That’s ok! We can still be friends. In that case, we recommend our new flagship line of men’s apparel: our official Better Man Beard hat! This hat is comfortable and eye catching. It expertly straddles the line between rugged and sophisticated. It has a low key Better Man Beard “Beard Guy” logo stitched in striking red threads on the front across a concrete grey background. This is a stylish and comfortable hat that any dad will enjoy.

beard gift guide for father's day

Out Of The Ordinary Gifts

If you’re looking for something else out of the ordinary for your dad that he will love, then consider getting him something that will help him accomplish two awesome things at once: foster his creativity and help him create delicious food. How can we pull off this feat? By getting him his very own hot sauce making kit! With this kit you get everything you need, including a handy hot sauce making guide, to create your very own fiery (and delicious!) spicy concoctions. The Official Man Crates Hot Sauce Making Guide is a culinary masterclass, complete with three superb starter recipes and slightly patronizing instructions. You can then enjoy these sauces on steaks, burgers, or on their own with a spoon, if you dare.

If your dad is less of a hot and spicy food kinda guy, then that’s understandable. We have just the thing to recommend that will help you get a great gift for him that he can use to stay nice and cool over the summer. Get your dad the gift of monthly craft beers! Sign him up for a wild ride with this beer of the month club subscription. In each box you get 12 craft beers hand selected from various micro-breweries from around the U.S. for him to enjoy. Every month brings new and awesome beer right to your dad. He will be so excited that he may even share one or two with you if you’re lucky!

However you decide to celebrate Father’s Day, we wish you and your dad the very best.