The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Costumes For Bearded Guys

The question: “What are you going to dress up as this Halloween?” is one of the most loaded and important questions to answer every year. You want your costume to be recognizable, timely, coherent, and be a good representation of your personality. That’s a lot of moving parts to handle, which is why a lot of us just put on a name tag that says “Some Guy,” and call it a night. Don’t be that guy! All of these costume decisions get even more complicated for us bearded guys as well. Now you not only have to pick the perfect character, but that character also has to have a beard or be able to incorporate the beard in a clever way. It’s hard to fully commit to your George Washington costume when you have to keep explaining why he just happens to have a giant beard. So, let’s check out some of the very best Halloween costume ideas for bearded men that you can try this year!

Geralt Of Rivia 


The Witcher was insanely popular on Netflix last year and is coming back again in early 2021 with season 2. What better way to celebrate this monster-killing badass than to dress up as him for Halloween? Geralt is a pretty easy costume to assemble as all you really need is a plain black or grey tunic, black pants, black boots, and two costume swords strapped on your back. Bonus points if you can fashion a monster’s head to hang off your belt for show. 

Joe Exotic


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So, while he doesn’t necessarily wear a full beard, Joe Exotic has an epic ‘stache that can practically be seen from space. Why not throw on a leopard print shirt and some tight black jeans and cowboy boots and have fun cursing the name of that darn Carol Baskins all night long? Bonus points if you accessorize with a stuffed tiger and cowboy hat. 

Marvel’s Wolverine 


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Ok, this one is a classic, but nonetheless awesome. Wolverine is often depicted as having a full beard along with world class sideburns. This can be an easy or complicated one, depending on which style of Wolverine costume you want to rock. You can go classic white guinea tee shirt, blue jeans, and wicked claws. Bonus points if you include a cigar prop, bub. 

Bob Ross


While he passed away many moons ago, his spirit still lingers on. Bob Ross has seen a huge resurgence lately thanks to Hulu recently uploading his entire show’s back catalogue for new viewers to discover. Just grab some overalls with a long sleeved shirt and a paintbrush and painter’s palette and you’re home free! Bonus points if you add in a happy little tree or cloud plush toy.

Wildcard Costume:  “Among Us” Astronaut Costume


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Ok, this one is a little out there, but this could totally work. Dress up as your favorite doomed astronaut from this insanely popular game and people will be high fiving you far and wide. This is a great one for bearded guys because it requires a space helmet with an opaque face covering. Very suspicious…Are you the imposter?