Tips For Turning Up The "Wow Factor" This Father's Day

Father’s Day is upon us and this is the year to ditch the typical gifts of ties and power tools (although power tools are cool) and do something that your dad will remember for years to come. Go all out for dad this year. Trust us, he deserves it. Now, wanting to think outside the box and actually doing it are two very different things. That’s why we’ve compiled the perfect list for you to use in order to score big points with pops. The best part is? These are all things that are easy to do and don’t require a huge budget. A win-win scenario.

Explore a museum
Speaking for us Idahoans specifically, the Boise Art Museum is open this Father’s day and is a great way to share a cool experience with dad that won’t cost a lot. They are always changing out their exhibits and the proceeds go to support local artists and art education. If you’re in a bigger city like New York or London, then your options are much more plentiful! Think about your dad’s hobbies and interests and take him to a museum that matches those. Does he like music and other pop culture? Then Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture (or MoPop) is the place to go. If your pa is into things with big engines that fly, then the Smithsonian Institute’s Air and Space Museum is going to be a huge win. Wherever you are and whatever your dad is into, there’s a great museum near you that he will love. Explore together!

Start a craft brew together
If your dad enjoys a brew or two, then this is the project for you. Purchase the brewing supplies beforehand and surprise him on the day. You can find great kits and ingredients at your local brewing supply stores like Brewer’s Haven here in Boise, or you can order them online from places like Amazon or

Here’s where things get interesting. Beer itself is a blank canvas. You can paint anything you’d like. Does your dad like spicy, bold flavors? Then throw some paprika or tabasco in your brew to give it a kick. Or, does your dad like a smooth and chocolatey porter? Throw in some coffee and cocoa powder to really set in those flavors. Or, you can keep it light and citrusy by adding lemon or lime extract to make a summery crisp ale.

This is a great opportunity to experiment with fun and bold flavors while creating fun memories with your dad. What crazy concoctions will you come up with? Homebrewing is a fun and inexpensive hobby that gives you a great excuse to keep coming back to dad’s house and spending time with him while also enjoying a few cold ones along the way.

Flavor tripping BBQ
Listen. There’s nothing wrong with your typical barbecue. Almost every culture has a traditional grilled and spiced meat dish for a reason: they flipping taste great. Now, let’s add some magic to the mix. By using a relatively obscure but readily available fruit called Synsepalum dulcificum or “miracle berries” we can achieve new heights of culinary greatness.

Miracle berries coat your taste buds in a manner that blocks certain taste receptors. They make sour things taste sweet and seem to enhance the existing flavors in other foods. You can pick some up off of Amazon for under $20. Once you dissolve the tablet on your tongue you can start to try different sour foods. Try biting into a grapefruit or granny smith apple. They will taste unbearably sweet! Bring the berries and your own food combinations to your dad’s Father’s Day BBQ this weekend and let the flavors fly! It also goes great with beer.

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