Treat Your Pops: Great Father’s Day Festivities Ideas

Father’s Day is a holiday that can get stuck in a rut really easily. Every year, you buy dad a new tie or a tool set that the nearest hardware store is hawking and you have a few beers and bland burgers around a hot fire. It’s all too easy to fall into that same old routine. I’m sure your dad appreciates whatever you get him or whatever you do each Father’s day, however, there’s no reason why you can’t and shouldn’t be throwing dear old dad a few surprises every now and then. Let’s look at a few fun (and a little different) ways to spice up your Father’s big day this year.

Do a Project Together

Sometimes the best present for your pops is not a present at all. Ask your mom or siblings for their ideas on a household or yard project that he’s been meaning to do and just show up at his house that day with your tools and supplies and a handful of cold beers and get to work. You’d be surprised just how much it would mean to him to just hang out and get some long neglected projects done. No pressure. Just you guys and some tools and maybe a small bluetooth speaker cranking out some rock and roll dutifully in the background. When you’re all done, then you can celebrate your accomplishment with a few hard earned steaks around the BBQ. Your dad will forget that you didn’t buy him a tie at all this year!

Beer Themed BBQ

Does your dad have a favorite brew? Maybe he’s an IPA man or a lover of burly stouts so thick that you can stand a spoon up in them? If he has a favorite beer, or if he just likes all of them, then you can do a lot to infuse his favorite beer into his favorite barbeque foods. Beers make great marinades and bases for pan sauces. They can even be used in desserts!

Here’s a few recipes to get you started:

Beer Burgers!

Belgian Tripel Ale and Honey Black Pepper Chicken Wings

Skillet Chorizo Beer Cheese Dip in a Pizza Crust Ring

Wisconsin Beer-Battered Fish Fry Recipe

Nine Beer-Centric Dessert Recipes

Outdoor Movie Festival and BBQ

Is your pops a movie buff? Is he into classic black and white films from the Silver Age or is he more into Star Wars and Marvel? Whatever he’s into, you can surprise him this Father’s Day with a movie themed, outdoor cookout! You will just have to source a projector and a laptop and a few sturdy, white sheets to hang either on the side of your house or on a small stand. For bonus points, you can hook up a bluetooth speaker to enhance the sound quality, but just even having movies (cough Netflix cough) streaming in the background while everybody is having fun at the BBQ is cool enough! You can even have movie themed food and drinks! Whatever movies he’s into, he’ll love having a cool outdoor theater that will separate his Father’s Day celebration from all the rest.

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