Under Quarantine? Here’s Your Bearded Guy Approved Streaming Movie Playlist

Just because we’re under quarantine doesn’t mean we have to miss out on some great new shows and movies to watch! We’ve been hard at work putting together the perfect quarantine playlist that you can stream from the comfort of your own couch. The theme is simple: Is it full of badass moments with lots of guys with beards? Then it goes on the playlist! Enjoy. 

Movie: Braven

How to stream: Amazon Prime subscribers can stream it for free. Otherwise you can rent it for $3.99 on Apple, Fandango Now, or Microsoft media stores.

Braven stars a very bearded Jason Momoa as a gruff, tough, Alaskan family man who is literally a lumberjack dressed in flannel. Pretty much the poster boy for awesome guys with beards. His remote cabin is under siege by evil, gun-toting gangsters who are trying to get their drug stash back and eliminate any witnesses in their path. This movie is a cross between Die Hard and Home Alone in which Jason Momoa literally sets deadly traps for bad guys using household items.

Movie: Triple Frontier

How to stream: Netflix

Ben Affleck teams up with an all star cast including Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac to pull off the ultimate heist: stealing a South American drug lord’s pile of cash worth over $75 million dollars. There are lots of special ops and tactical action with a plot that has more twists and turns than a high jungle donkey trail that will keep you guessing until the last frame. There are burly guys with beards galore and lots of edge of your seat action that will make you forget to breathe.

Movie: 21 Bridges

How to stream: Rent it for $4.99 on Microsoft Store, Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Redbox, FandangoNOW.

This is the gritty crime drama like Heat or Silence of The Lambs that we’ve all been waiting for, but this darn thing just slipped under the radar for most of us because of bad timing. It was released in late November 2019 and was supposed to pick up steam in February and March of 2020 when… well, let’s just say the theaters weren’t very crowded around then. This movie really has it all. It has a plot that is fresh and feels current, not rehashed, and is tight as a tripwire. The film is set pretty much in real time as the main character, Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther himself) rocking a fantastic beard while trying to track down two very unlucky robbers who happened to rob the wrong drug stash at the wrong time. 

Movie: Angel Has Fallen

How to stream: Stream for free on Yupp TV or Netflix. You can rent it for $5.99 on Google Play Movies, YouTube, Microsoft Store, Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, FlixFling, DIRECTV, FandangoNOW.

This is another gem that really didn’t get its time in the sun that it deserved. This is the third installment in the “X Has Fallen” trilogy that started in 2013 with Olympus Has Fallen which was one of two “White House under terrorist attack” films that came out that year and arguably the stronger of the two by far. Angel Has Fallen is a simple film with a solid cast, including Gerard Butler as Mike Banning and his (massively bearded) estranged father played by Nick Nolte. The premise is simple: It’s a more action filled remake of the plot from The Fugitive set within the Has Fallen universe. Really. It is basically a modern take on one of the best and most beloved action films of the 90’s and they do a really great job of it!