(2 oz) Spruce Beard Balm

This balm features our proprietary blend of all natural, highly-moisturizing ingredients with a more invigorating aroma. The spruce fragrance is a classic cool woodsy scent with slightly leathery undertones. This balm does all the duties you need, ensuring your beard stays soft and smooth and protected.
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    Better Man Beard | Spruce Beard Balm 2.0 oz

    Enjoy a softer, stronger, better-smelling beard with our Spruce Beard Facial Balm. Regardless of what time of year it is, Spruce Beard Balm adds a cool, wintry blast to your already epic beard or whiskers.

    More Balm, For Less

    At Better Man Beard, one of our main concerns (aside from producing amazing beard care products) is to provide you the most value. Our Spruce Beard Balm comes in 0.5 oz size, and the 2.0 oz portion is also included as a part of our Better Man Beard Spruce Beard Kit, which also comes with a 2.0 oz bottle of Spruce Beard oil, and our Sandalwood Beard Comb.

    Compare our 2.0 oz portion to the industry standard of 1 ounce for a typical balm or oil. At Better Man Beard, you are getting 100% more product for about the same price! In other words, you can expect your Spruce Beard Balm to last 2 to 3 months when used daily for an average sized beard!

    Our Spruce Beard Balms are all handmade in beautiful Boise, Idaho, and we only use natural, organic ingredients and essential oils. Look and smell great with Better Man Beard's Spruce Beard Balm!

    Reviews and Testimonials

    So what do our customers have to say about Better Man Beard?

    Tried it...Loved it...Received unsolicited compliment on it from a woman I didn't even know. -Kirklyn

    Cheers to the guy who came up with the recipe and I highly recommend giving it a shot. -Nate

    What Our Spruce Beard Balm is Made Of

    100% All-Natural Ingredients.

    Contains: Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, and Spruce Essential Oil.

    How Spruce Essential Oil Helps You and Your Beard

    Spruce oil has a clean, woodsy aroma to it that can be soothing to those prone to anxiety. Consequently, spruce oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory that can support hair growth, prevent acne, and boost circulation.

    We recommend Better Man Beard Spruce Beard Balm for those who: are prone to anxiety and/or skin problems such as the dreaded beard-ruff or acne, and those who enjoy hints of fresh, woodsy aromas throughout the day.

      NEW! Better Man Beard | 0.5 Ounce Beard Balm Variety Travel Pack With Comb

      There's no better value on the market! Not sure which one of our exceptional beard balm scents you will like? Why not try all of them!? In this exciting new variety kit, we have included our Original scent, our Spruce scent, and the exciting and new scent Franky T. You can try all of our amazing scents all in one place for one low price.

      Perfect for travel.

      Excellent birthday present.

      Great stocking stuffers.

      Include in a manly gift basket or corporate gift.

      Made with 100% All-Natural Ingredients!

      Kit includes: Original scent beard balm (0.5 oz), Spruce scent balm (0.5 oz), and our sensational Franky T Beard Balm (0.5 oz).

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