How To Protect Your Beard This Summer

Swimming and enjoying the outdoors is an essential part of summer. If you haven’t noticed by now, ocean water and even pool water with all of its harsh chemicals can be really damaging to your hair and especially your beard. In today’s article, we’re going to cover some essential beard care tips for summer that you can use the next time you hit the waves or even the hot tub so that you can keep your beard looking luscious, full, and healthy all year long!

Before You Dip In The Water

If you’re prepared, (and you always should be!) then you can actually take steps to preserve your excellent looking beard before you step into the water. If you have time, take a healthy dab of a petroleum based skin care product (like Vaseline) and give your face and beard a thin coat. This will help to create a barrier between your hair, skin, and the harsh chemicals like chlorine present in most pools. This will also help to keep the salty ocean water from drying out your beard as well. If you don’t have a petroleum based product on hand, you can actually use one of our handy Better Man Beard balms instead!

Another great tip before enjoying a swim is to reapply your sunscreen to your face and neck. This will help to keep a little more moisture on your skin and will also help to reduce UV damage to your hair and skin. Can’t be too careful!

After You Dip In The Water

When your swimming adventure has come to a close, you have a short time to act before your skin and hair will become damaged by the salt or chemicals. We recommend immediately rinsing off, if possible in a fresh water shower. Go ahead and use shampoo and conditioner as well if you have them on hand. That will help to get any chemicals or dirt out of your hair and will help to add in some of the lost moisture as well. If you have some emu oil, you can rub that into your hair as well or you can use a few drops of one of our Better Man Beard oils in your hair and your beard after you’ve rinsed to help to lock in that valuable moisture. We recommend the Franky T Beard Oil because it smells like summer in a bottle!


We hope that this summer swim care beard care guide was helpful. If you end up trying one or more of our suggestions, please share it with us on social media and maybe invite us over for a glass or two. Also, don’t forget to check out our events page on our website. Our events are always a blast and it’s a great opportunity to show all of our products in person and to meet Justin (the man himself!) and to get expert product tips, demonstrations, and samples. It’s always a blast to see our great products in action for yourself. Hope to see you around. No matter what you do this year, we hope you have a wonderful year from Better Man Beard.