Local Spotlight: Boise Co-op

Craving locally sourced foods, unique products for cooking and self care, community and culture? Well then it is time you visited the Boise Co-op. Back in 1973 a handful of food conscious folks noticed there was a need for nutritious and great tasting local food. Powered by a small grant and some donated space, the newly founded Boise Co-op began supplying healthy local food to our great community. Fast forward to 2024 and that handful of members is now over 30,000 and the donated space has grown into two amazing brick and mortar stores that provide a place for both community and commerce.

What's a Co-op?

Familiar with the term but a little rusty on the particulars? Want to know what you will be a part of when you join the Boise Co-op? A co-op is a unique business model. It is owned by its members to serve the needs of the membership. That means that while you get the types of goods and services you are looking for you also own a share in the business. Profits don't get funneled to outside investors. In a co-op surplus revenue is returned to the members based on how much the shop. The more you spend at the co-op as a member, the more you get back.

Community Focus

The Boise Co-op has proven a strong force in building and supporting the community. They look to highlight local business and provide them with an equitable environment to share their goods with their community. From a small family farm specializing in mushrooms to a mother and daughter sewing team in Nampa, the Boise Co-op provides the opportunity to experience the great things the people of Idaho are making and doing. Taking community building even further, the Boise Co-op offers a wide range of classes and events from making jewelry to cooking on a backpacking trip and much more. The Boise Co-op also gives back to the community; giving its members a way to help those in need as well as providing seed money to ensure that local foods are here for generations to come.

More Than Food

When the Boise Co-op started in 1973 the primary focus was healthy, nutritious, rich food for the membership. As the years have passed and the Boise Co-op has grown, its selection has grown too. Need plant based products to help deal with a bit of anxiety? You can get this and more in their large personal health section that highlights natural solutions to problems of the mind and body. They are here to take care of your furry friends too. The Boise Co-op pet store has everything you need from pet food to a curated collection of cat toys. Finally, for the greatest selection of wines, beers, kombuchas and mixers; there is no better place for both expert advice and quality than the Boise Co-op.

There are as many reasons to love the Boise Co-op as there are members. Did we mention you can also enjoy a great selection of Better Man Beard products at the Boise Co-op? Or that there is an awesome deli with a fantastic selection of fast fresh foods? Not to mention the knowledgeable and friendly staff waiting to help. Let us know what your go to Boise Co-op product is, share with us on social media or in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check out our events page on our website. Our events are always a blast and it’s a great opportunity to show all of our products in person and to meet Justin (the man himself!) and to get expert product tips, demonstrations, and samples. It’s always a blast to see our great products in action for yourself. Hope to see you around. No matter what you do this year, we hope you have a wonderful year from Better Man Beard.