How to Get Ready For Fall Beard Season

With the fall weather comes new opportunities for fall hairstyles, clothes, and especially beards! Let’s face it. While it’s nice to have a beard anytime of year, it’s even better to have one during the fall and winter months to help keep your face and head warm and toasty from the harsh winter winds. Now is the time to prepare for the fall weather and to start planning your new beard and style. Are you going to go for a bigger and bushier beard than ever before? Or are you going to keep it high and tight for a change? Or something in between? The sky’s the limit! We can help you with whatever you decide with some of our style and product recommendations.

Plan Your Grow Then Grow The Plan

No matter which direction you choose to go this year with your beard, you should take a few minutes to sketch out what you are thinking of doing and put together a timeline for when you should start growing and shaping. Timing is tricky because there is no one set rate at which our beards grow. You will have to gauge for yourself and tailor your plan to your specific growth rate. For us slower growers, you may want to start right now in late summer early fall to get the perfect beard up and running by late fall and early winter. Sketch it out and then make it happen, captain!

Build A Trim Schedule

Once you have your overall plan down, then it’s time to truly commit to building in some serious beard care time into your daily and weekly schedule. As we all know all too well, keeping a nice beard requires a good amount of upkeep and you can’t just let it go wild for too long or else you won’t like the results. Plan a 15 minute segment in your morning routine or nightly routine twice a week to start, then go from there. You have to be ready to fully commit and don’t be afraid to actually put it down on your calendar or day planner to make it more “real.” Sticking to it will make all the difference in the world.

Get The Right Tools For The Job

No beard is complete without the proper grooming supplies and we just so happen to have a few of the world’s best in our own humble hands. For this fall, we recommend stocking up on our superb Spruce scented beard balm to help tame those pesky fly-aways and to keep your beard and face moist, soft, and looking professional as all hell.

For nightly care, we recommend the appropriately named for the season Franky T Beard Oil which is the perfect marriage of scent and effectiveness that will keep your face and beard in top shape all winter long. The “Franky” in the “Franky T” name stands for Frankincense which is one of the three gifts brought by the Three Wise Men. Literally one of the OG Christmas gifts! Perfect for the fall and winter season. Along with being thematically on point, Frankincense is also a powerful essential oil that can help with reducing skin inflammation, eradicates blemishes, and promotes overall skin health.


We hope you enjoyed these fall beard style enhancement suggestions! No matter what you do this year, we hope you have a wonderful year from Better Man Beard.