Our Favorite Fall Things

Fall is (finally) here! In order to celebrate the changing of the seasons we have put together a list of our favorite fall themed things that you can pick up today in order to start your fall off right.

Fall Refreshments: Seasonal Beers

There really is no wrong time to celebrate beer, but fall is pretty much Beer Christmas. Each fall, brewers from around the world release their newest seasonal collections to keep you sipping happily long into the winter months. Fall beers, as opposed to spring and summer beers, are typically more hardy, flavorful, and robust than their other seasonal counterparts. This means holiday spices and rich stouts and high ABV% delights are all back on the menu.

One of our favorites around here is Midnight Autumn Maple by The Bruery. It is an Imperial Dark Ale packed with fall flavors like yams, maple syrup, and vanilla. We also enjoy a beer from a long time ago with a huge cult following that is now coming back on the shelves for fall 2021. That beer is the beloved Snow Plow Milk Stout by Widmer Brothers. This deceptively simple yet drinkable stout is the perfect blend of sweetness with warm fall spices, malt, and a satisfying chocolatey finish. Snow Plow doesn’t weigh you down like other stouts and goes great as a companion to hearty fall dinners or as a nice sipping beer to have with dessert.

Fall Beard Care: Spruce Scented Beard Balms And Oils

Let’s face it. There are very few scents that better encapsulate the feeling of fall like spruce. The scent of fresh spruce aloft a cool mountain breeze is the very definition of refreshing. How about being able to carry that fragrance with you wherever you go? With Better Man Beard’s Spruce scented beard balms and oils, you can. Shop our Spruce balm or oil or get both together along with an exclusive wooden beard comb in our beard kit for one great price.

Fall Activity: Camping

If it was possible to improve upon the taste of a warm s’more hot off the campfire, they would have done it already. We are of the opinion that it just isn’t possible to top that flavor, let alone recreate it successfully in another setting. That’s why this fall we are going camping. Yes, our favorite fall activity this year is simply put, camping. We love the smell of crisp mountain air and the warmth of a well stocked campfire, especially with good friends all around to share s’mores with. One of our favorite camping accessories is, of course, our all-star Better Man Beard ceramic camping mug. This little guy along with our Better Man Beard bottle opener make an excellent duo to help you open and enjoy just about every camping beverage you happen to bring along.

Fall Food: The Homemade “Lunchable”

This year’s fall food trend is all about reconnecting with our childhood. Our favorite go-to dinner this fall is the time honored and delicious homemade “Lunchable,” with some grown up improvements, of course. Since 2020, meal prepping has become all the rage. The benefit of this trendy food movement is being able to spend a few solid hours on a single day preparing meals that you can just pop out of the fridge and freezer and eat with little or no further preparation. This time-saving trend allows us to be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with our loved ones or roasting celebrities on Twitter, but it can only be done with certain meals. That is where “Lunchables” really shine. Since they are already by design a complete meal that requires no cooking or utensils and has a long shelf life, it is the perfect intersection of fond childhood memories, meal prep staple, and tasty dish.

You can customize them however you’d like, but we prefer to start with some thick slices of smoked gouda cheese and an equal sized portion of honey smoked turkey breast cut in equal cracker-sized portions. Combine those with a stack of your favorite club crackers or pita chips and a handful of fruit like sliced apples, or strawberries and a veggie like carrots or broccoli. Combine all ingredients into a single tupperware container and save them for another day, or put on a plate to enjoy right away. Either way, we are ringing in the fall with a perfect grown up and healthy retreat to fond memories of childhood past.

Have a wonderful fall from Better Man Beard!