Three Tips For Keeping New Year's Resolutions This Year

With another year about to roll over on the odometer of life, we find ourselves in a familiar place: making resolutions that will help to define the next year and hopefully improve our life for years to come. Marking resolutions is definitely the easy part, but keeping them, well that’s where things get tricky. Yes, life can get in the way sometimes, but there is much more to keeping your New Year’s resolutions than just trying to make time for them. There are definitely steps and tips that you can utilize in order to make this next year and every subsequent year a success when it comes to nailing down and actually achieving your resolutions. Let’s explore some of our favorite resolution strategies!

Learning To Set The RIGHT Kind Of Resolutions

One of the top reasons that resolutions fail to get actualized is because they are initially set incorrectly. If you set just a general goal like “eating better” or “saving more money” then you are almost destined to fail. Setting the wrong resolution can blow up in your face faster than an outdoor gender reveal party. Here are some tips on setting the right kind of resolutions.

Specific: Your resolution goals should be very specific. For example, instead of saying “I want to put more money into savings” you can say “I will put $50 of each paycheck into my savings”. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight this year” you can say “I will only eat dessert once per week instead of every night”. Your goals should be specific and not amorphous and intangible. That way, you can plan in your mind subconsciously exactly how you will save the $50 bucks or change your dessert schedule.

Dates: It helps to have check in dates or deadline dates in your resolutions. You can say, I want to lose 5 pounds by the end of February instead of just saying that you want to lose weight. Adding a specific date or period of time to your resolution can help you build structure and strategy in order to achieve it.

Milestones: Once you have your end dates and your overall goals in mind for the new year, then you can break down some milestones for each. For instance, you can say that if you want to have $1,000 saved up by June, then you can set a milestone for February and April to have $334 and $668 respectively saved up at the end of those months. Build in milestones by breaking down the end goal into month or week long chunks to give you something to strive for each passing month.


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